Press coverage of Kurt Masur's Beethoven all-Mendelssohn concert with the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin
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Press coverage of Kurt Masur's Beethoven symphony cycle with the Dresden Philharmonic
December 2012
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Austria and Autumn, in Works by Brahms
November 16, 2012
Mr. Masur's experience in leading these symphonies was immediately apparent in the lucid interpretations he elicited here, deftly shaping melodic lines and highlighting orchestral colors. MORE...

A Maestro Returns With a Brahms Double Concerto and a Surprise Soloist
November 9, 2012
...the playing flowed smoothly, with a luminosity and authority that attested to both Mr. Masur's deep command of this repertory and his continuing affinity with this orchestra. MORE...

London Philharmonic/Kurt Masur – Mendelssohn Ruy Blas & Beethoven 7 – Alban Gerhardt plays Schumann
October 20, 2012
There was much evident affection and admiration from both the sell-out audience and the members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra for Kurt Masur. MORE...

Kurt and Ken-David Masur to conduct at Tanglewood
July 21, 2012
Sunday afternoon at Tanglewood, [Masur] will conduct the BSO in Mozart's Symphony No. 36. But there's a twist. His son Ken-David Masur, 35, a Tanglewood Music Center conducting fellow, has agreed to conduct the first part of the planned Mozart program... MORE...

Kurt Masur Set for Early Return to Podium after Accident
July 19, 2012
Three months after falling and fracturing his shoulder blade during a concert in Paris, the conductor Kurt Masur is scheduled to make an early return to the podium at the Tanglewood Festival on Sunday, with some help from family. Sharing the conducting duties with him will be his son, Ken-David Masur. MORE...

Maestro and peace ambassador Masur turns 85
July 18, 2012
He's a living legend among conductors. From Leipzig's Gewandhausorchester to the New York Philharmonic and Orchestre National de France, Kurt Masur has shaped musical life around the world. He turns 85 on July 18. MORE...

Philharmonia Orchestra/Masur – Bruckner 7 – Arabella Steinbacher plays Mendelssohn
February 2, 2012
...throughout this wise and wholesome performance, there was a meeting of minds and a touching of hands with the composer, his spirit and his spirituality, which by the close had become special... MORE...

Mendelssohn and Bruckner from Steinbacher, Masur & the Philharmonia
February 2, 2012
The Finale was very impressive. As a shorter and lighter movement, it needs careful handling for it to be appropriate to the weight of what has gone before. Here the strength of Masur's lifetime knowledge of the work came through... MORE...

Kurt Masur Inspires the Philharmonia to Top Form
February 2, 2012
On the evidence of this concert, there seems little doubt that the Philharmonia Orchestra adores Kurt Masur. This was the Philharmonia on top form, from the grand heights of the Bruckner through to the gossamer textures of the Mendelssohn. MORE...

A Former Leader Returns With a Signature Piece
October 28, 2011
Mr. Masur was on the podium at Avery Fisher Hall on Thursday evening to conduct Shostakovich's Symphony No. 13, "Babi Yar" (1962), a score he performed memorably with the Philharmonic in 1993 and 2001, with the 1993 performances yielding a powerful Teldec recording. Both times, and again on Thursday, the soloist was the Russian baritone Sergei Leiferkus, who studied the work with Shostakovich and has come to own it, much as Mr. Masur has. MORE...

Masur, Angelich and Brahms at BSO
October 22, 2011
On Thursday, October 20th, the audience of the Boston Symphony Orchestra was privileged to hear a program consisting of two large works of Johannes Brahms, conducted by one of the great elder statesmen among conductors, Kurt Masur... MORE...

BSO fill-in plays Brahms with ease
October 21, 2011
Masur led a deeply burnished, organically shaped account of Brahms's Third Symphony. MORE...

Masur gedenkt Sanderlings
September 24, 2011
Ein großer alter Mann erinnert an einen anderen großen alten Mann. Echte Trauer ist spürbar, als Kurt Masur vor dem Großen Concert am Donnerstagabend im ausverkauften Gewandhaus das Wort ergreift und an Kurt Sanderling erinnert. MEHR...

Bête de scène
June 23, 2011
Pour son dernier concert de la saison au Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, l'Orchestre national de France affichait un programme exclusivement russe qui, en dépit de sa brièveté, n'en demeurait pas moins très attirant. PLUS...

Ein Wunderwerk
May 23, 2011
Die lebenslange Beschäftigung mit Bruckner und die Erfahrungen eines Dirigentenlebens trugen an diesem Abend reife Frucht. MEHR...

Kurt Masur leads NSO, Sarah Chang in a concert simply to be enjoyed
April 29, 2011
The NSO rose to meet him with so much goodwill that its playing took on a veritable Central European accent. MORE...

The Cleveland Orchestra with Kurt Masur & David Fray
April 26, 2011
To listen to the Cleveland Orchestra under guest conductor Kurt Masur is to remember why German nineteenth-century music matters so much to the orchestral repertoire. Now in his eighties, Masur brings six decades of experience to his conducting, and his recordings of the great nineteenth-century symphonic cycles — including Beethoven, Brahms, and Mendelssohn, this concert's composers — are both indispensible and unforgettable. MORE...

Pactice Made Perfect
April 22, 2011
Maestro Masur has an ability to become one with the music and the orchestra so one almost forgets that he is there. He leads with quiet authority and it was a rare privilege to get to witness this once again. MORE...

The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
Kurt Masur leads the Cleveland Orchestra in brilliant concert
April 22, 2011
His attention to detail let every felicity of Brahms' orchestration shine, especially in the beautiful and profound second movement, where Masur's relaxed pace allowed for a kaleidoscopic range of shadings and shapings. MORE...

The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
Kurt Masur to reconnect with Cleveland Orchestra this week on tour of major U.S. orchestras
April 17, 2011
... he's perhaps better suited than most at the moment to offer a perspective on multiple institutions. Just within the last month, he's stood before the orchestras of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. After Cleveland, he moves on to Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia... MORE...

Not Another Two-Viola Joke
April 15, 2011
Mr. Masur has conducted this innumerable times in his 60 years on the podium. Here, he made it direct, masculine and convincing. In the finale, the Maestro painted broad brush strokes with the orchestra for a towering climax. MORE...

Two Paths, Two Rivals, Two Conductors
April 15, 2011
When Kurt Masur comes back to the New York Philharmonic, it's always a big deal. The German conductor steered the orchestra through eleven acclaimed seasons from 1991 to 2002, expanding the repertory, breaking new musical ground, and honing the orchestra's sound in a successful term as music director. MORE...

With Muti in the house, Masur leads CSO with calm assurance
April 1, 2011
Masur's journey through the music's lofty peaks and verdant valleys had a plain-spoken naturalness about it. ... Especially remarkable was the way in which Masur got the music to gravitate towards quiet, dropping the volume just as the score demands. MORE...

Masur, CSO scale the heights with Bruckner
April 1, 2011
TIn his first Chicago Symphony Orchestra appearance in eight years, Kurt Masur lifted the veil on the myriad mysteries of Bruckner's epic sonic cathedrals Thursday night in a remarkable performance of the Austrian composer's Symphony No. 4 that stands as one of the highlights of the CSO season. MORE...

Kurt Masur makes a triumphant return to the CSO
April 1, 2011
A confident group of musicians responded to the demanding and highly individual account of the German guest, making his first appearances with the CSO in seven seasons. MORE...

Kurt Masur and Sarah Chang with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at Disney Concert Hall
March 25, 2011
The grand old maestro Kurt Masur is making a grand tour of the leading American orchestras this spring. San Francisco saw him two weeks ago and after he finishes up in Los Angeles this weekend, it's on to Chicago, his old orchestra in New York, Cleveland, D.C. and Philadelphia... MORE...

San Francisco Symphony review: Masur's Mendelssohn
March 12, 2011
There may be no more dazzling example of a composer writing on spec than Mendelssohn's music for "A Midsummer Night's Dream," which got a sumptuous and beautiful performance in Davies Symphony Hall on Thursday night by the San Francisco Symphony under guest conductor Kurt Masur. MORE...

Kurt Masur explores the sonorities of Mendelssohn at Davies
March 11, 2011
Kurt Masur pursued an innovative strategy for freshening up the predictably familiar. Rather than focusing on the "note-based" grammatical ingredients, he chose to explore the sonorities of those notes, throwing new lights on Mendelssohn's approaches to instrumentation. MORE...

San Francisco Symphony Review: Kurt Masur conducts Mendelssohn
March 11, 2011
From the moment that Masur stepped to the podium in his grey silk Nehru jacket, the San Francisco Symphony underscored the difference between listening to recorded music and listening to the real thing. MORE...

Gastspiel: das Orchestre National de France in Freiburg
January 24, 2011
Dirigent und Solistin kultivieren das Hineinhorchen in den Klang, das immer wieder ganz langsame Ausbreiten seiner Schönheiten, seiner poetischen Substanz – der wehmütige Traum vom romantischen Einst. Ein Höhepunkt ist das aufs Feinste hingetupfte Andantino – wahrlich grazioso. Ein zauberhaftes Idyll, wie das Klavier da den Gesang der Celli umspielt, umwirbt. Hochstimmung im Saal. MEHR...

Innerlichkeit, taufrisch
January 21, 2011
Was bleibt dem Berichterstatter zu sagen, wenn zwei musikalische Giganten wie Kurt Masur und Elisabeth Leonskaja gemeinsam die Bühne betreten? Beide überdies im Zeichen Robert Schumanns, einem Meister "deutscher Innerlichkeit", die man so gern auch mit Masur in Verbindung bringt.. MEHR...

Die Kunst des Ausformulierens
January 8, 2011
Für drei ausverkaufte Große Concerte ist Ehrendirigent Kurt Masur in sein Gewandhaus zurückgekehrt. Auf dem Programm: Brahms' zweites Klavierkonzert mit dem Pianisten Louis Lortie und die achte Sinfonie von Antonin Dvoräk. MEHR...

Kurt Masur (83) gastiert in Berlin
November 3, 2010
Kurt Masur (83) ist nicht nur ein Dirigent von Weltrang. Als Mitgestalter der deutschen Einheit genießt er auch politische Autorität. MEHR...

Bruckner und der Altmeister
October 26, 2010
Die Dresdner Philharmoniker und ein großes Publikum fanden sich zu einem Sonderkonzert in der Kreuzkirche ein — ein Konzert, das diese Bezeichnung nicht nur im Namen führte, sondern in jeder Hinsicht etwas ganz Besonderes war. MEHR...

Kurt Masur bekommt Echo Klassik für sein Lebenswerk
October 18, 2010
Es ist ja nicht so, dass er noch nie einen Preis bekommen hätte. Trowzdem freute sich Kurt Masur wir ein Kind, als er am Sonntagabend den Klassik-Echo für sein Lebenswerk verliehen bekam. Der 83-Jährige dirigierte während seiner langen Karriere unter anderem das New York Philharmonic Orchestra, das London Philharmonic Orchestra und das Orchestrea National de France. Als großes Verdeinst Masurs gilt sein Engagement für den Wiederaufbau des Gawandhauses in Leipzig.

Le Nove sinfonie, una prova d'autore
September 26, 2010
Una conclusione davvero trionfale per il ciclo delle nove sinfonie di Beethoven presentate a Roma nell'arco di venti giorni (2-24 settembre) dal direttore tedesco Kurt Masur, alla testa dell'Orchesta dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia Dieci concerti, due per programma, quasi sempre esauriti, per un'interpretazione in continuo crescendo che ha offerto il meglio nei due ultimi appuntamenti, con le quattro ultime sinfonie. PIÙ...

Kurt Masur Saltella su Beethoven
September 24, 2010
Tutto esaurito in Sala Santa Cecilia anche per l'ultimo appuntamento di Beethoven a Roma (il ciclo che ha riproposto l'integrale delle Sinfonie del geniale musicista di Bonn), ma era prevedibile giacché il programma prevedeva l'Ottava e la Nona Sinfonia di Beethoven dirette dal celebrato direttore d'orchestra Kurt Masur. PIÙ...

Kurt Masur Saltella su Beethoven
September 18, 2010
Non è tanto il gesto della mano, essenziale dall'inizio alla fine del concerto, quanto il corpo ad esprimere le sue indicazioni, precise, implacabili. PIÙ...

A rousing Ninth brings Tanglewood season to a close
August 31, 2010
...a performance of the kind that took place on Sunday makes you feel like this ritual may be one of the more sensible things that happens at Tanglewood, and maybe the Ninth, in all of its accrued symbolism and actual depths, its teeming surfaces and its wild heart, may be one of those works that can stand up to all of our attempts to tame it through repetition. MORE...

A Master Returns With a Firm Grip
May 13, 2010
Kurt Masur seemed deeply gratified by the warm applause and bravos he received when he appeared onstage at Avery Fisher Hall on Wednesday night to conduct the New York Philharmonic. MORE...

The New York Philharmonic, Way Back When
May 7, 2010
The New York Philharmonic's 15,000th concert, reviewed by Anthony Tommasini in The New York Times on Friday, set Mr. Tommasini and two other Times critics, James R. Oestreich and Allan Kozinn, to pondering other Philharmonic milestones and favorite concerts. Their thoughts follow. MORE...

Spiel mit vielen Trümpfen
April 4, 2010
Ein Osterkonzert mit Werken von Brahms, Schumann und Beethoven ist eine fast todsichere Bank. Der Kulturpalast war folglich beim 7. Zykluskonzert der Philharmonie zweimal restlos ausverkauft. Das lag sicher auch daran, dass mit Kurt Masur der Ehrendirigent des Orchesters am Pult stand. MEHR...

Fest der Musik
April 4, 2010
Normalerweise steht dieser Tage das Osterfest im Mittelpunkt der Aufmerksamkeit. Doch auch ein Konzert kann zum Fest geraten und in dieser Beziehung hat der Dirigent Kurt Masur Festtagsbraten und Eiersuchen für zwei Stunden im Kulturpalast schlicht vergessen lassen - das 7. Zykluskonzert der Dresdner Philharmonie am Ostersamstag war sein Fest und natürlich das Fest der Musik. Selbstverständlich erschien das Publikum in Scharen - dem 82jährigen Ehrendirigenten der Philharmonie wird die Treue gehalten. MEHR...

Variations sur Roméo et Juliette
March 25, 2010
Opéras, comédies musicales, ballets, symphonies... il y avait l'embarras du choix pour bâtir un programme autour de Roméo et Juliette: en jetant son dévolu sur des œuvres à la fois spectaculaires et appréciées du public, Kurt Masur a fait salle comble au Théâtre des Champs-Elysées. PLUS...

Mozart and Bruckner
February 19, 2010
As the former principal conductor of the London Philharmonic Orchestra Maestro Masur's first loyalty has been to that ensemble and this was the first time he had conducted their London rival, the Philharmonia, for more than a couple of decades. This orchestra is undoubtedly one of the world's finest, and Masur extracted, as to be expected, outstanding playing from it. MORE...

Philharmonia Orchestra/Masur – Mozart 39 & Bruckner's Romantic Symphony
February 18, 2010
This reunion (to be followed with concerts of this programme in Belgium and Germany) found Masur playing to his considerable strengths, conducting Bruckner especially... MORE...

LPO/Masur - Mendelssohn: Elijah
October 18, 2009
Mendelssohn has always been of great importance to Masur, not least during his period at the helm of the Gewandhaus Orchestra. And his recording of Elijah has, ever since it was made, served as the prime recommendation for the oratorio. MORE...

Bonner Publikum bejubelte Kurt Masur und das Beethoven Orchester
October 12, 2009
Nur einen Tag, nachdem Kurt Masur in der Leipziger Nikolaikirche ein Konzert des Gewandhausorchesters zum 20. Jahrestag der Montagsdemonstration vom 9. Oktober 1989 dirigiert hatte, war der mittlerweile 82-jährige Maestro nach Bonn gereist, um am Pult des Beethoven Orchesters ein weiteres Konzert zu leiten. MEHR...

Starkes Meisterkonzert mit Kurt Masur
September 11, 2009
Offenbar keimt Kurt Masur sehr genau die Qualitäten des Orchesters, dem er bis 2007 als Chefdirigent vorstand. So konnte er gelassen hinter der Selbstregulierungskraft des Klangkörpers zurücktreten und sich mit reduzierter Gestik der großen Linie widmen. MEHR...

Riese aus Leningrad
September 11, 2009
Wenn Kurt Masur nicht selbst die Konzertmeisterin am Händchen gepackt und damit die Orchesterformation aufgelöst hätte, es wären noch einige Vorhänge" gezogen worden. Nach dem Konzert mit dem London Philharmonie Orchestra und der siebten Sinfonie von Schostakowitsch herrschte beim Auftakt der Meisterkonzerte im Zyklus A offene Begeisterung. Und das sicher nicht nur aus rein musikalischen Gründen. MEHR...

Kurt Masur mit geschichtsträchtiger "Leningrader Sinfonie" in Köln
September 11, 2009
Das Londoner Orchester spielte das alles hoch konzentriert, mit satten Streicherklängen, sensibel gestalteten Soli und einem kraftvollen, aber nie lärmenden Tuttiklang. Das Publikum bedankte sich mit viel Beifall. MEHR...

Ovationen für Maestro Kurt Masur
September 11, 2009
Die Siebte sollte zeigen, wie heldenhaft das russische Volk dem Faschismus trotzte. Masur legt Wert auf die feinen, subtilen Mittelsätze, wie in einem Flötensolo und der Trauermusik im Schluss-Satz, die die Londoner wie eine Sarabande intonieren. Bravos und Ovationen für eine Interpretation, die man auch in Russland hören sollte. MEHR...

Kurt Masur dirigiert liebevoll die "Leningrader Sinfonie"
September 8, 2009
Bei Kurt Masur und dem London Philharmonic Orchestra, die im Rahmen des Musikfestes in der Philharmonie einen Riesenerfolg feiern konnten, fielen denn auch die besonders liebevoll artikulierten leisen Stellen auf. MEHR...

Bruckner, der Moderne
June 11, 2009
Gut möglich, dass Kurt Masur dereinst für seine mutigen Worte bei den Leipziger Montagsdemonstrationen von 1989 in die Geschichte eingehen wird – was darum ungerecht wäre, weil der bald 82-jährige Dirigent zuallererst ein grossartiger Musiker ist. Ein Kapellmeister im würdigsten Sinn des Wortes, ein Dirigent also jener deutschen Tradition, die heute nur mehr von wenigen Vertretern dieses Berufsstandes verkörpert wird. MEHR...

Drei große M: Mutter, Mendelssohn, Masur
June 2, 2009
Bei beiden Sonderkonzerten der Philharmonie am Pfingstwochenende war der Kulturpalast bis auf den letzten Platz ausverkauft - ein schöner Erfolg für das Orchester und die Musikfestspiele und ein Beweis dafür, dass die Geigerin Anne-Sophie Mutter und der Dirigent Kurt Masur Publikumsmagnete sind. MEHR...

Masur – Mutter – meisterhaft
June 2, 2009
Ausverkauft war der Abend schon viele Monate. Es waren eben die beiden Namen, die wie Magnete wirkten: Philharmonie-Ehrendirigent Kurt Masur mit der großen Geigerin Anne-Sophie Mutter. Der 200. Geburtstag Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdys bestimmte den ersten Teil. MEHR...

Mendelssohn, With Tyros, Then Teacher at the Helm
April 27, 2009
On its face the program order might have seemed perverse: two symphonies followed by an overture. But the Mendelssohn concert on Saturday evening was the culmination of the fifth Kurt Masur Conducting Seminar in collaboration with the Manhattan School of Music, held for the first time this year at the Park Avenue Armory. And after the "Reformation" and "Italian" Symphonies conducted by eight young participants, one movement each, the "Ruy Blas" Overture was conducted by Mr. Masur himself, hardly an anticlimax. MORE...

Kurt Masur Conducting Seminar
April 22-25, 2009
The Kurt Masur Conducting Seminar, held at the Park Avenue Armory in New York in conjunction with the Manhattan School of Music, received extensive coverage in The New York Times's ArtsBeat. READ...

Smoothly melding pieces' elements
April 20, 2009
The conductor now most often venerated among the great figures of the past is Kurt Masur. Long lauded for building the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra into one of the most refined ensembles in the world, and for disciplining the New York Philharmonic into the great orchestra that everybody knew it could be, Masur had a regrettably short guest stint with the Philadelphia Orchestra and violinist Sergey Khachatryan that was among the year's best. MORE...

Kurt Masur the right maestro for Cleveland Orchestra's Beethoven evening
March 7, 2009
One could hardly wish for a more choice pairing of forces for a memorable Beethoven evening than those assembled Friday at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts: conductor Kurt Masur, one of the world's most distinguished Beethoven exponents, and the Cleveland Orchestra with its storied Beethoven tradition burnished under George Szell's long tenure. MORE...

Kurt Masur and Cleveland Orchestra produce memorable Beethoven
February 27, 2009
It's a shame we only see the backs of conductors. For if we could experience Kurt Masur the way musicians do, it might help explain how, leading the Cleveland Orchestra this weekend at Severance Hall, the maestro achieves so much with so little. MORE...

Exciting struggle in 'Light'
February 20, 2009
The San Francisco Symphony's new composer residency program got off to an exciting start Wednesday night with the first local performance of "The Light of the End," a potent and evocative orchestral essay by Russian composer Sofia Gubaidulina. If this is the sort of musical reward to be had by importing major composers from elsewhere, I say bring 'em on. MORE...

Masur, Gubaidulina make out-of-this-world music in Davies Hall
February 20, 2009
The sounds coming from the stage during the first piece on the San Francisco Symphony's Wednesday night program at Davies Symphony Hall were like none I've heard before. They were downright otherworldly. MORE...

Return of an Old Friend, a Favorite Subject in Tow
February 5, 2009
Some of Kurt Masur's most memorable performances during his tenure as the New York Philharmonic's music director were of Mendelssohn's music, with his own edition of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" a particular highlight. His affinity for Mendelssohn is natural: before (and during) his Philharmonic years, Mr. Masur was director of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, where Mendelssohn was among his predecessors. MORE...

Finding Her Mendelssohn Sweet Spot
February 1, 2009
Felix Mendelssohn has long held a secure place in the standard repertory, and several of his works are sure-fire audience favorites. But he has not always won love and respect from musicians and critics. Take the German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter. MORE...

Masur returns, Bearing Mendelssohn
January 24, 2009
So what are your plans for Mendelssohn's 200th birthday? The big day is not until Feb. 3, but the Boston Symphony Orchestra is already celebrating with an all-Mendelssohn program this week in Symphony Hall. MORE...

Masur returns, on a mission for Mendelssohn
January 18, 2009
The German maestro Kurt Masur returns this week to conduct the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He is probably best known to American audiences as the former music director of the New York Philharmonic, from 1991 to 2002. To Europeans, he will always be linked to the venerable Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, which he led for more than two decades beginning in 1970. But beyond his musical accomplishments, Masur, now 81, enjoys a reputation as a respected humanist for his role in keeping the peace between protesters and government troops at a critical moment in Leipzig in October 1989, just one month before the fall of the Berlin Wall. MORE...

Un prophète aux Champs-Elysées
January 14, 2009
On connaît bien l'intérêt de Mendelssohn pour Bach, et en particulier pour la Passion selon Saint-Matthieu. Pourtant Elias fait surtout penser aux oratorios de Haendel, comme Judas Macchabée et Israël en Egypte, que Mendelssohn a dirigés en Angleterre. PLUS...

Elias dans sa gloire
January 11, 2009
Mendelssohn et Masur, c'est un peu une équation. Successeur lointain du compositeur à la tête du Gewandhaus de Lepizig pendant vingt-six ans, le Kapellmeister a toujours entretenu avec le compositeur du Songe d'une nuit d'été une relation privilégiée, au concert ou au disque. S'il dirige évidemment ses symphonies, il affectionne également ses oratorios, notamment cet Elias... PLUS...

Der Mensch Kurt Masur
December 11, 2008
Er sitzt zwischen den Stühler, wie so oft. Man sieht ihn auf Kirchenbänken, in Konzertsaalsesseln, auf Muttis Schoß und einem der weißen Sofas im Mendelssohn-Saal. Zur Weltpremiere von "Adventures in Listening" nimmt er Dienstagabend auch auf dem Podium Platz und gemeinsam mit Amit Breuer, der israelisch-kanadischen Regisseurin... MEHR...

Mort et transfiguration
November 27, 2008
Dès les premières notes le concert s'avéra exceptionnel de bout en bout. PLUS...

Rencontre exceptionnelle entre Kurt Masur et des étudiants à Radio-France
November 24, 2008
"Il faut d'abord envisager le plaisir de jouer et non l'enseignement pour être un bon chef. Savourer le travail en gardant toujours à l'esprit le fait que le chef n'est pas un professeur." PLUS...

Alle Beethoven-Sinfonien aus einer Hand
October 2008
Es darf schon als ein Glücksfall betrachtet werden, beim Beethovenfest einmal sämtliche neun Sinfonien "aus einer Hand" geboten zu bekommen, wenn es sich dabei ergibt, dass Orchester wie Dirigent dies zu einer wahren Herzenssache machen, und diesen Eindruck gewann man durchaus bei den Gästen des Orchestre National de France, die von ihrem inzwischen 81 jährigen Chef Kurt Masur zu sehr engagiertem und auf viele Feinheiten bedachten Spiel angehalten wurden. MEHR...

LPO/Masur Louis Lortie... From the New World
October 8, 2008
Since he stepped down as Principal Conductor (and seemingly without the honorary titles afforded him in Paris, Leipzig and New York), Kurt Masur's visits to the London Philharmonic have been few and far between. But, absence makes the heart grow fonder, it is said, and the LPO played with real devotion for Masur on this fleeting glimpse of him... MORE...

Diesen Kuss der ganzen Welt
September 12, 2008
Eine grandiose Aufführung der Neunten bildet den krönenden Abschluss des Sinfonien-Zyklus mit dem Orchestre National de France unter Leitung von Kurt Masur MEHR...

Kurt Masur erzählt Beethoven
September 11, 2008
Das Bonner Beethovenfest feierte einen seiner Höhepunkte: Die letzten der neun Beethoven-Sinfonien, die Kurt Masur an vier Abenden in Bonn aufführte, lockten 3000 Menschen zum Public Viewing. MEHR...

Höchster Gipfel des Festivals
September 11, 2008
Es war der nicht mehr zu überbietende Höhepunkt des Beethovenfestes, als mit der Verleihung des Furtwängler-Preises an Kurt Masur und der "Neunten" unter seiner Leitung die großartige Aufführung aller Beethoven-Sinfonien durch das Orchestre National de France zu Ende ging. Die 2000 in der Beethovenhalle feierten den Dirigenten lange mit Standing Ovations. MEHR...

Mit Virtuosität und Leidenschaft
September 10, 2008
Beethoven-Sinfonien 6 und 7 mit Masur in Bonn MEHR...

Die Logik der Widersprüche
September 9, 2008
Rundum beeindruckend: Die Sinfonien 4 und 5 im Beethoven-Zyklus mit Kurt Masur MEHR...

Dem Andenken eines großen Mannes
September 8, 2008
Mit Sinfonien Nummer 1 bis 3 startet Beethoven-Zyklus - 2000 Besucher feiern Musiker nach beeindruckender Leistung mit Ovationen MEHR...

Größe in der Trauer
September 7, 2008
Die Massenbewegung hatte ihren Vorlauf in Frankreich, wo Masur schon Beethovens neun Sinfonien in vier Konzerten am Stück gespielt hat. Das Beethovenfest setzt dem noch eins drauf und wiederholt das Spektakel 2009 mit der Kammerphilharmonie Bremen. MEHR...

Kurt Masur bekommt in Bonn den Wilhelm-Furtwängler-Preis
September 4, 2008
Wilhelm Furtwängler gilt als einer der bedeutendsten Beethoven-Interpreten des 20. Jahrhunderts. Beethoven prägt auch das Lebenswerk von Kurt Masur... MEHR...

Kurt Masur: Was mir heilig ist
August 28, 2008
Der Dirigent bangt um die Kulturnation Deutschland. Ein RM-Gespräch über bildungshungrige Chinesen, "Ännchen von Tharau" und die wahre Liebe. MEHR...

Schumann correto, Mahler inspirado
August 7, 2008
Apresentação da Sinfônica Brasileira teve como ponto alto a Sinfonia Titã MAIS...

Um maestro aprendiz aos 60 anos de carreira
August 1, 2008
Convidado da OSB, Kurt Masur volta ao Brasil, retomando relação iniciada em 1970 MAIS...

Peralada se rinda a la maestría del octogenerio Kurt Masur
July 20, 2008
Los momentos finales de la quinta de Beethoven fueron conmovedores; después de una intensidad tal, difícilmente hubiese cabido un bis, pero los sencillos compases del cumpleaños feliz armonizaron de maravilla la sonrisa del maestro, que celebró así su 81 cumpleaños, en el podio, sonriente y con un también sencillo ramo de flores en la mano. MAS...

Kurt Masur: "La identificación profunda entre director y orquesta se ha acabado"
July 17, 2008
"El gigantismo de la música de Wagner me intimida". Kurt Masur (Brieg, 1927) destaca por una sinceridad poco corriente. Y es que su forma de entender la música pertenece ya a otra época. MAS...

Ce n'est qu'un au revoir
July 12, 2008
S'il en était besoin, la huitième et dernière soirée du cycle Beethoven offert au Théâtre des Champs-Elysées par Kurt Masur à l'occasion de ses ultimes apparitions en tant que directeur musical de l'Orchestre national de France revêtait encore plus de solennité... PLUS...

Kurt Masur, mission accomplie
July 11, 2008
"On lui a greffé les reins d'un lion !" : c'est le bruit qui a couru parmi les musiciens dès que Kurt Masur (il aura 81 ans le 18 juillet) eut repris ses activités après avoir subi en novembre 2001 une grave transplantation rénale. PLUS...

Symphonie des adieux
July 7, 2008
Tout le Paris mélomane le sait. Kurt Masur s'offre en conclusion de son mandat à la tête de l'Orchestre National de France un grand cycle Beethoven, comprenant l'intégralité des symphonies et des concertos. Nous assistions à la cinquième des huit soirées de la série. Kurt Masur nous offre une vision extrêmement fraîche, presque régénérée d'un corpus qu'il connait par cœur. L'enthousiasme des interprètes est étonnant, cette vigueur continuelle impressionne. PLUS...

Bienfaits et méfaits de la chaleur en musique
July 7, 2008
Pour le sixième des huit concerts donnés dans le cadre d'un cycle monumental consacré à l'intégrale des symphonies et concertos de Beethoven, Kurt Masur et l'Orchestre national de France ont choisi de programmer un triptyque classique comportant successivement une ouverture, un concerto et une symphonie. PLUS...

Les choses sérieuses commencent
July 6, 2008
Suite de l'intégrale Beethoven en cours, avec les concerts III et IV consacrés, comme il se doit, aux œuvres portant les " n°3 " et " n°4 ". Si on pouvait, à la rigueur, considérer les deux premiers concerts comme des entrées en matière beethovénienne, cette fois-ci les choses sérieuses commençaient vraiment, chef et orchestre étaient à l'épreuve du feu, les qualités et limites de leur interprétation se dessinaient plus clairement, avec une réussite fort contrastée, entre pair et impair. PLUS...

Pour les symphonies
July 5, 2008
Parvenu à mi-chemin, le cycle Beethoven de l'Orchestre national France au Théâtre des Champs-Elysées abandonne le principe simple qu'il avait adopté pour ses quatre premiers concerts... PLUS...

L'enfance d'un chef d'oeuvre
July 3, 2008
L'Orchestre National de France clos la saison avec un cycle Beethoven au Théâtre des Champs Elysées, en huit temps. Six ans après l'intégrale des symphonies donnés dans ce même lieu, Kurt Masur reprend l'idée, augmentée des concertos. PLUS...

Masur et le National se mettent en quatre
July 3, 2008
Tout au long de cette saison, sa dernière en tant que directeur musical de l'Orchestre national de France, Kurt Masur a choisi des compositeurs et des œuvres qui lui tiennent particulièrement à cœur... PLUS...

Kurt Masur: Au revoir Paris
July 1, 2008
Après six saisons à la tête de l'Orchestre national de France, Kurt Masur tire sa révérence avec un vaste cycle Beethoven. Sur ce chemin, ce travail, ces liens tissés avec une formation pour nous emblématique, le chef allemand tourne la page non sans regret, ayant réussi à dompter, transmuter mais aussi à faire sien « l'esprit français ». PLUS...

From France Avec Style, a Mingling of Generations
May 2, 2008
Last Thursday, after an impressive concert in Paris, the musicians of the Orchestre National de France and their conductor, Kurt Masur, headed to the airport to embark on an American tour. MORE...

A master performance, decades in the making
April 30, 2008
After 60 professional years, most of Kurt Masur's resume has collected honorifics. Conductor laureate of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra and music director emeritus of the New York Philharmonic, Masur will add another in the fall: honorary music director for life of the Orchestre National de France - but not before one last tour as music director proper, which brought orchestra and conductor to Symphony Hall on Sunday afternoon. MORE...

Le poids de la fatalité
April 27, 2008
La Symphonie no. 5 de Tchaïkovski dirigée par Kurt Masur au TCE PLUS...

Masur's Vigorous Last Laps in Paris
April 26, 2008
As Kurt Masur made clear in interviews at the time, he was not ready to give up the music directorship of the New York Philharmonic when his contract ended in 2002. But after his 11-year tenure in New York, he landed on his feet in Europe. He continued as the principal conductor of the London Philharmonic, a post taken two years earlier. (He left it in 2007.) And he became the music director of the Orchestre National de France. MORE...

Masur and Transfiguration
March 22, 2008
J.S. Bach's most towering and dramatic religious work does not end with the Resurrection of Jesus. It ends with his death, with the double chorus singing tenderly (in German) "My Jesus, good night... ...Rest ye weary limbs... Utterly content, the eyes close in slumber." Jesus need never be risen, though. Not so long as Kurt Masur, the crusty ever-younger ever more dynamic conductor, resurrects Jesus every year at this time. And like a poem by John Donne, each time of the resurrection, it is done differently, with a different layer added to the Glorious Mystery. MORE...

Masur Serves the Music
March 21, 2008
Kurt Masur returned to the New York Philharmonic on Wednesday night. He was music director of the orchestra from 1991 to 2002. During that time, he programmed some Bach — which is rare for a symphony orchestra. And Bach is what he is conducting this week: the St. Matthew Passion. Is this the greatest of all Bach's works — and the greatest of all works? It is an argument, certainly. Mr. Masur has lived with this work a long time. He was born in 1927, and started studying the Matthew in his teens. He did not conduct it until he was in his 50s. And he has decided views on the passion — and those views are right. MORE...

Kurt Masur, With Bach and a Choral Force
March 21, 2008
Even when he was younger, Kurt Masur seemed the embodiment of the Old World conductor, a German musician of discipline and rectitude, steeped in the great repertory, technically assured and immune to flashiness. Among the core composers he laid claim to was Bach, who spent the last 27 years of his life in Leipzig, a city closely associated with Mr. Masur, who had a career-defining tenure as music director of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. MORE...

March 1, 2008
Musikverein: Mit heftigen Akzenten, scharfen Kontrasten, spannender Dynamik ging Kurt Masur mit seinem Orchestre National de France auch am zweiten und dritten Abend an sein Beethoven-Bruckner-Programm. MEHR...

Beethoven mit feiner Klangkultur
February 29, 2008
Die ersten drei Klavierkonzerte Beethovens, deri Pianisten und das Orchestre National de Prance präsentierten sich unter seinem Chef Kurt Masur (seit 2002): überzeugend am ersten Abend der Berliner Martin Helmchen (25). An Beethoven C-Dur-Konzert zeigte er gepflegte Klang-Eleganz, Spielfreude, Lust an funkelnden Kaskaden. Sehr musikalisch, sehr kultiviert!

Masur demonstrierte an Bruckners "Neunter" seine Freude an klarer Architektru, feinen Farber. Sehr französisch!

February 28, 2008
Die Wiener Philharmoniker spielten in Paris soeben Liszt und Tschaikowsky. Das Pariser Orchestre National kommt nach Wien mit drei (!) Symphonien von Anton Bruckner. Verrückte Musikwelt, kuriose Reiseprogramme. MEHR...

February 26, 2008
Auch am zweiten Abend seiner Geburtstagsgala gab Kurt Masur in der Philharmonie seiner Liebe zu Beethoven und Bruckner beredten Ausdruck. Wieder waren das Orchestre National de France und ein junger Pianist seine kongenialen Partner Till Fellner war der Solist in Beethovens 3. Klavierkonzert Er griff Masurs zügiges Tempo auf, schritt forsch voran, entfaltete den Dialog mit seinen einfühlsamen französischen Begleitern konsequent. MEHR...

Spirituelle Dimension
February 26, 2008
Kurt Masur setzt seinen Zyklus mit Bruckner-Sinfonien und Klavierkonzerten Beethovens in der Kölner Philharmonie eindrucksvoll fort. Solisten sind die beiden jungen Pianisten Till Fellner und Martin Helmchen. MEHR...

Sous le signe d'Eros
February 9, 2008
Un jour après la Sinfonia domestica par Eliahu Inbal, Kurt Masur dirigeait Don Juan. Les deux œuvres n'affichent pas les mêmes ambitions et leur mise en place ne saurait se comparer. On ne pouvait s'empêcher cependant de trouver avec le National l'homogénéité, l'onctuosité que le Philhar' nous avait refusées la veille. PLUS...

Le National guidé par Kurt Masur réussit l'ascension des Alpes
December 12, 2007
Voilà un programme de concert digne d'un orchestre allemand ou autrichien, puisqu'avec le Double Concerto de Brahms joué, comme souvent là bas, par le premier violon et violoncelle de l'orchestre, venait le redoutable exercice de virtuosité orchestrale que constitue la Symphonie Alpestre de Richard Strauss. PLUS...

Orchestre National de France -- Leeds Town Hall
November 23, 2007
We are extremely fortunate that the French National Orchestra has thus far avoided the globalisation that is progressively robbing us of that joy of hearing orchestras from around the world with their own intrinsic "National" sound quality. MORE...

Maestro with the mostest
July 22, 2007
Every Proms season has its memorable nights, but this year's reached a pinnacle even before the first week was out when Kurt Masur chose to celebrate his 80th birthday with one hell of a party, inviting not one, but two orchestras and 6,000 adoring fans. MORE...

Champagner unter nachtblauem Himmel
July 21, 2007
Maestro Masur, der Meister der Metropolen, feierte am Mittwoch seinen 80. Geburtstag in einem gloriosen Dank- und Freudenfest in London. MEHR...

BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall, London
July 20, 2007
Let the retirement age among conductors be a lesson to us all. On Wednesday, Kurt Masur spent his 80th birthday giving a celebratory concert at the BBC Proms with a capacity audience of 5,000 as his guests, capping Charles Mackerras's 80th birthday performance at Covent Garden a couple of years before. It was no ordinary Prom. MORE...

Proms: London Philharmonic Orchestra/Orchestre National de France/Masur
July 20, 2007
High up at the back of the orchestra, a row of a dozen double basses, backlit by tiny blue lights: this was the birthday treat for the 80-year-old Kurt Masur, as he celebrated the day by conducting both his orchestras at once, in front of an Albert Hall filled almost to capacity. MORE...

Proms: Sound of an era long gone
July 18, 2007
Last night's concert was also on a grand scale, with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Orchestre National de France coming together to celebrate the conductor Kurt Masur's 80th birthday with a performance of Bruckner's epic Seventh Symphony. MORE...

Kurt Masur 80th-Birthday Concert
July 18, 2007
This day marked Kurt Masur's 80th-birthday and culminated in a Proms concert that united the two orchestras that Masur currently heads up – as Music Director of Orchestre National de France and as Principal Conductor of the London Philharmonic... MORE...

La leçon de vie de Kurt Masur
May 6, 2007
Un sublime Adagio de plus de vingt minutes, une musique qui s'éteint peu à peu comme pour mourir en un dernier accord. PLUS...

L'adieu à la vie
May 5, 2007
Après Das Lied von der Erde, symphonie qui n'ose pas dire son nom, Gustav Mahler devait bien s'attaquer au chiffre fatal de la symphonie au moment le plus gai de sa vie... PLUS...

Under Masur's baton, Bruckner comes alive
March 10, 2007
Only a variation on Shakespeare will suffice to portray the past two weeks at Severance Hall: Now is the winter of our sonic contentment, made glorious by two German-born former music directors of major American orchestras. MORE...

Masur comes, conquers crowd
March 9, 2007
Cleveland was long overdue for a visit from 79-year-old Kurt Masur, who last conducted the Cleveland Orchestra in February 1991. Thursday night's concert with the orchestra at Severance Hall was a reflective and thoughtful event, notable for the intense concentration in both pieces on the program. MORE...

Masur returns to an orchestra he has known long and well
March 8, 2007
Few conductors today know the Cleveland Orchestra as well as Kurt Masur, even though he has been away from the ensemble's podium since 1991. MORE...

Mendelssohn, Sibelius, Tchaikovsky at the Party
March 2, 2007
Composers have worked out ways to stretch the celebrations of their milestone birthdays over two seasons, and now it seems that conductors are taking modest steps in that direction too. Kurt Masur turns 80 in July, but since he is here to conduct the New York Philharmonic, the orchestra celebrated his birthday with a party after his concert at Avery Fisher Hall on Wednesday evening. The party was also a fund-raiser for the International Mendelssohn Foundation, in Leipzig, Germany, of which Mr. Masur is the president. MORE...

Masur Approaching 80: Raising the Baton for a New Movement of Life
March 2, 2007
In 1997 the New York Philharmonic gave an elaborate surprise party at Avery Fisher Hall for Kurt Masur, then its music director, celebrating what he called "a birthday I tried so hard to ignore," his 70th. MORE...

Showbiz and Style
January 16, 2007
Conductor Kurt Masur has mellowed like a fine wine since his 1980 San Francisco Symphony debut. At 78 years old, he chose a program of 19th century staples for the Davies Symphony Hall audience last week, with a soloist he has championed, violinist Sarah Chang. In the process, he showed how gratifying such programming can be in the hands of a master. MORE...

An Affectionate Homecoming for Masur
November 30, 2006
If psychologists ever made a study of post-departure syndrome, they might begin with Kurt Masur's return to New York with the London Philharmonic. In his time as music director of the New York Philharmonic Mr. Masur was received as something of a drill sergeant in charge of a wayward platoon, a kind of bitter medicine designed to purge the orchestra of its loose ways. But waves of friendship greeted him at Carnegie Hall on Monday and Tuesday nights, a genuine warmth like nothing he experienced during his years in New York. MORE...

A maestro lacking in both flaws and baton
November 28, 2006
It is sobering to reflect that London, great musical capital that it is, boasts no fewer than five major symphony orchestras. One of them, the London Philharmonic, opened a North American tour on Sunday at Roy Thomson Hall, with its principal conductor, Kurt Masur, on the podium. MORE...

Familiar works made exciting again
November 28, 2006
With Beethoven's Eroica Symphony and Sibelius's Violin Concerto lurking behind every bush and tree these years, do we really need a visiting London Philharmonic Orchestra, with Kurt Masur conducting and Sarah Chang as soloist, to reveal these familiar marvels to us yet again? Well, as it happened, yes, we do, because on this occasion, under that conductor and with that soloist in the Sibelius, these works were revealed and fulfilled as they seldom are... MORE...

Age and youth enthrall equally
November 27, 2006
Given their size and the expense involved, there aren't many orchestras that tour the world. But those who do are usually the best, like the London Philharmonic Orchestra, which played at Roy Thomson Hall yesterday afternoon. It's not an old orchestra, having been founded in 1932, but it is a great one.... MORE...

Prom 60
September 3, 2006
Masur and his French orchestra brought Henze's exquisite set of miniatures, Five Messages for the Queen of Sheba (extracted from his most recent, and probably last, opera, L'Upupa — still, shamefully, unperformed in the UK), as a prelude to an unusually thoughtful account of Shostakovich’s sometimes bombastic Leningrad Symphony (No 7). MORE...

Prom 60
September 3, 2006
...The same could never be said of the music of Hans Werner Henze — least of all his atmospheric Five Messages for the Queen of Sheba, given its London premiere at Tuesday's Prom by the Orchestre National de France under Kurt Masur. MORE...

Messages Delivered with Finesse
August 30, 2006
The first thing you notice about the Orchestre National de France is that they treat their tuning seriously. MORE...

Britten: War Requiem/London Philharmonic Orchestra LPO0010
Summer, 2006
The War Requiem has inspired some unusually fine recordings, and you would he hard pressed to find a seriously disappointing version at any price today. MORE...

War: the power of a simple word
July 1, 2006
Kurt Masur and the LPO's live recording of Britten's War Requiem captures the range of human emotions conjuered up by a single phrase MORE...

NSO Blossoms With Kurt Masur And Beethoven
June 2, 2006
The Kennedy Center has done something wonderful this year for the National Symphony Orchestra — and, by extension, for all music lovers in Washington. Never before have so many distinguished guest conductors been invited to appear in a single season. MORE...

Kurt Masur s'amuse dans l'Ile aux enfants
May 28, 2006
En voyant la programmation, on se demande d'emblée qu'elle sera l'unité de la soirée. Entre un Prokofiev qui choisit, par bravade, de composer une symphonie classique, un Matthus qui écrit pour Kurt Masur une œuvre exprimant le chef allemand mieux que n'importe quelle interview, il y a déjà deux mondes musicaux. PLUS...

Masur Conducts the 'Leningrad' in Paris
May 26, 2006
Now in his fourth season as music director of the Orchestre National de France, Kurt Masur is perhaps today’s most acclaimed classical music figure in France. His Beethoven and Mendelssohn symphony cycles (Nov. 2002 and Feb. 2003 respectively) were both popular and critical successes; his ongoing Schumann symphony cycle has been attracting sell-out crowds; and people are still talking about his stunning realization of Beethoven’s imposing "Missa Solemnis" earlier this month. MORE...

Les concertos de l'Ascension
May 25, 2006
Le lundi de Pentecôte n'est certes plus un jour férié, mais l'Orchestre national de France et son directeur musical, Kurt Masur, n'ont pas hésité pas à renoncer au jeudi de l'Ascension et à offrir aux Parisiens, en cette période généralement assez pauvre en concerts, un beau programme qui, malgré une forte connotation contemporaine, a rassemblé un nombreux public. Une expérience à renouveler! PLUS...

Plaidoyer pour la ferveur
May 8, 2006
Rare dans les salles car d'une difficulté à peine surmontable, la Missa solemnis a trouvé en Kurt Masur l'un de ses plus ardents défenseurs. À la tête de Chœurs de Radio France et d'un ONF admirablement préparés, le chef allemand, servi par un quatuor de solistes des plus engagés, fait du chef-d'œuvre sacré de Beethoven un plaidoyer pour la ferveur. PLUS...

Missa Solemnis de Beethoven
May 7, 2006
Une œuvre à l'exécution difficile, qui exige un engagement total des solistes, du chœur, de l'orchestre au grand complet et du chef. Kurt Masur offre un concert superbe de ferveur, de méditation et de spiritualité. PLUS...

Un opéra sacré
May 5, 2006
On transforme parfois la Missa solemnis en une liturgie un peu statique, comme s'il fallait insister sur son côté brucknérien avant l'heure. Tel n'est pas le cas de Kurt Masur... PLUS...

May 2, 2006
Though there is plenty of 20th-century music in Kurt Masur's repertoire, this Silesian-born conductor – now 77, and music director of the Orchestre National de France as well as the LPO's principal conductor – is admired above all in Beethoven and his Romantic successors. MORE...

Masur esalta la Nemtanu Che forza nel suo violino di Pietro Acquafredda
April 20, 2006
Straordinario concerto a Roma, davanti a un pubblico di rango seppure esiguo, della Filarmonica Toscanini, la fuoriclasse sinfonica dell'omonima fondazione che, proprio quando si prepara al più importante appuntamento della sua breve esistenza, attraversa un momento gestionale non facile. PIÚ...

Un modèle beethovénien
March 3, 2006
Concert triomphal pour le National et son chef Kurt Masur, de retour d'une convalescence qu'on a presque du mal à croire tant le chef allemand brille de toute sa superbe. Un riche programme Beethoven, avec la participation de l'incontournable Beaux Arts Trio, et un orchestre qui se transcende dans une trépidante 7e symphonie. PLUS...

Beethoven sublimé par Kurt Masur
February 25, 2006
Musique. De retour d'une courte convalescence après une opération bénigne, Kurt Masur a montré jeudi soir à la tête de l'Orchestre national de France que la meilleure thérapie et son bain de jouvence, c'était Beethoven. PLUS...

Pastoral Vistas, Thunder and Insouciance
January 21, 2006
Looking healthy, trim and a bit wistful, Kurt Masur returned to his old podium last night to conduct the New York Philharmonic in the first of three performances in Avery Fisher Hall. Before a single note was played, he received a familiar warm welcome from the crowd. MORE...

Tchaïkovski de main sûre
December 8, 2005
Dans la série Grands Orchestres, la Philharmonie vient d'inviter l'Orchestre National de France sous la baguette de Kurt Masur pour une soirée exclusivement consacrée à deux oeuvres majeures de P. I. Tchaïkovski, son fameux premier Concerto pour piano et sa 5e Symphonie. PLUS...

La soirée des mouvements lents
Kurt Masur dirige Tchaïkovski
November 19, 2005
Le début et la fin du deuxième concert du cycle Tchaïkovski programmé par l'Orchestre national sous la direction de Kurt Masur avaient de nombreux points communs. PLUS...

L'ONF en finesse avec Masur
November 11, 2005
Au Théâtre des Champs-Elysées (TCE), l'Orchestre national de France (ONF) donnait le premier des quatre concerts d'un festival Tchaïkovski, voulu et dirigé par Kurt Masur, son directeur musical. PLUS...

Une soirée de bonheur
August 8, 2005
Il est difficile d'entendre la IXe Symphonie de Beethoven comme si c'était la première fois. PLUS...

Kurt Masur: "La musique, mon élixir de jeunesse"
August 6, 2005
Kurt Masur, un des plus grands chefs d'orchestre au monde, dirigera l'Orchestre national de France pour la IXe Symphonie de Beethoven ce soir à 21 h 30 au théàtre antique dans le cadre des Chorégies. Portrait d'un homme riche d'expériences et d'émotions, dont l'objectif, à 78 ans, est de tranmettre sa passion aux jeunes générations de chefs et de musiciens. PLUS...

Beethoven, Schiller, Masur: trio magique à Orange
August 6, 2005
Ce soir, Kurt Masur est au théâtre antique pour sa re-création de la "Neuvième". "Beethoven était un idéaliste, son idéal est aussi en moi", dit ce chef que le monde admire. PLUS...

Orange: Masur et Beethoven
August 6, 2005
Pour la première fois, il dirige à Orange. A la tête de l'Orchestre National de France, Kurt Masur propose ce soir la IXe symphonie de Beethoven. PLUS...

Kurt Masur, un chef heureux
August 6, 2005
C'est avec la IXe Symphonie de Beethoven que s'achèveront ce soir les Chorégies d'Orange. Une façon magistrale de mettre un terme à l'édition 2005, puisque l'interprétation en est confiée à l'Orchestre national de France sous la direction de Kurt Masur. PLUS...

Kurt Masur commands Mahler with enthusiasm
August 1, 2005
With the final chord of "Symphony no. 1" by Mahler, which ended his presentation on Friday at the Winter Festival of Campos do Jordão, Kurt Masur actually shed tears. MORE...

Opening doors, with Kurt Masur
July 29, 2005
White hairs, nearly two meters tall, the serious, sober look. Everything in Kurt Masur is frightening until the moment he opens up a smile and congratulates the young conductor for the beautiful introduction in the piece by Brahms or the group of violas that finally loosens up and achieves the result expected in the Adagio by Barber. MORE...